A solid mass of neodymium, silicone and steel, “Endo” presents an elegant alternative to conventional means of magnetic attachment.  No springs.  No coils.  No internal moving parts.  Endo is the one-piece all-purpose silicone magnet with springy clipping action.  

Secures poetry, recipes, photos, memos and documents to the fridge, message board or metal surface. 

27mm X 57mm X 7mm

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Recommended by I.D. Magazine

Scott Amron's Endo Magnet Clips fasten all sorts of kitchen flotsam to the fridge: A single piece made of silicone and steel, the clip boasts a neodymium magnet that secures objects weighing up to a pound.  An angled rear surface acts like a fulcrum, eliminating the need for extraneous metal clippy parts.  Scratchproof and dishwasher-safe.

   -Liz Arnold (I.D. Magazine)
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Absolutely no springs attached.  Super strong, pinch-free, dishwasher safe Endo Magnet Clips can be used to post paperwork, artwork, bags full of bolts and lots more on your fridge, file cabinet or magnet board.

- Joyce Dorny (Organize Magazine)
Endo: Finally, A Useful Fridge Magnet
Fridge magnets. They seem to breed at about the same rate as socks disappear, marring virgin white doors with their excremental novelty slogans. The Endo, though, is at least useful, and even verges on the elegant. 

-  Charlie Sorrel 
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